House search with minimalist aspirations

For the past few months, my wife and I have had the desire to move to a desirable lakeside neighborhood near us.  Our goal is to have a slightly larger house on a lot in this neighborhood in hopes of a relaxing back yard and a nice view.  Noting the stress involved with building, our first intentions were to find a house already built and settled.  After viewing many different types of houses we finally found one option that really excited us.   Ironically, it was a similar layout to our current house, only larger and with nicer features.  It was featured as a parade home and had a gorgeous view of a pond and of the cliffs behind.  The main drawbacks were that it was more expensive than our desired budget and it didn’t include a finished basement.  The cost after adding a basement would more than double our current mortgage.  This was a major stuggle for us.


Now it’s not that we couldn’t afford it, but more that it would put us at a debt level that would make us feel more house bound.  In addition, we struggled to decide if we really needed all that space.  You see, we were fortunate to live in England for three years where we got by comfortably living in about 900sq ft.  Our current house is 1375 upstairs with about another 1000sq ft in the finished basement.  This new house would put us at 2400 upstairs and nearly 1500 down stairs I would guess.  Ironically, it had about the same number of rooms with only an office and a laundry room as additions.  The rest was made up of slightly larger entry, master, master bath, a powder room and larger kitchen.  Of course it also included a third stall in th garage.

Well, we made an offer on the low end.  The owner declined to counter:(

So we continued to look but never seem to find the perfect house on the perfect lot in the perfect location.  So a couple weeks ago, Alissa found an empty lot and we are seriously considering building on the lot.  I’ve sketched up a layout and now we are having builders propose what they can do for us within our price range.


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