Live Your Legend – three pillars of LYL applied….

  1. Become a self expert –
    1. My Life Compass:
      1. What are my values – What matters most?
        1. Family and Friends
      2. What am I passionate about?
        1. Flying – Guitar – Photography
      3. What are my natural Strengths & Talents ?
        1. Patience and teaching 1 to 1
      4. Experiences?
        1. What life experiments have I run?
          1. Karate
          2. Product Design
          3. Project Management
          4. Director – Team Leader
          5. Teacher – Consultant
          6. Photography
          7. Music
          8. Videography
      5. Define your own success
        1. I am successful at the American dream, but am working to be successful at living with passion.
        2. Success would be to maintain my home lifestyle and find a career that allows me to work from anywhere and work well into my golden years.  This work would be more like a hobby that I can’t wait to wake up to do everyday.
  2. Do your impossible –
    1. Start small – (with blogging or exercise)
      1. Start a personal blog – Complete
      2. Start a photography blog – Started, however I need more photos.  I have created it through adobe portfolio.
      3. Participate in photography communities. – Instagram, Live Your Legend – I have engaged with Instagram connecting with other photographers.  Adobe Portofolio also connects to Behance…and hope to continue to learn more about this.  When I am ready to sell, I will either use Portfolio or I will use Smugmug.   I have also connected with a local photography store to help me find my way through the how tos and the with whats?
      4. Participate in discussions about minimalism, blogging, photography and making music. – I haven’t been ready to do this as of yet.
    2. Get in the habit of doing the things that we think or others think can’t be done!!
      1. Start a side recording studio.
      2. Sell my photos online.
      3. Kite Sailing?
  3. Surround yourself with Inspiring and Passionate People –
    1. What community do I want to be part of?
      1. Music creation community – I have signed up with Bandmix to try to connect with others.  I am using the free version for now.
      2. Blogging community – Live Your Legend
    2. Who inspires me?
      1. Photographers who take amazing photos
      2. Videographers who capture life as it happens and make intriguing videos
      3. Musicians who create amazing songs…one or even a lot of them

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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