February 2016 Experiments

  • Updated with experiment results on 2/28/16
  •  Music
    • Daily training/exercise – I have played quite a bit of guitar during February.
    • Friends In Low Places – I have learned this song
    • Free Fallin’ – I have learned this song
    • I have also learned a few of Keith Urbans songs – Stupid Boy and Somebody like you
    • Also Stand by me
  • Photography
    • Daily training/exercise – Not doing to well at this.  Feel like I need to venture out, but am not inspired to do it.  I need to have some inspiration.
    • Skiing, sledding and ice skating moments captured – We did go sledding and ice skating.  Skiing was planned but was cancelled due to the extremely cold weather.
    • Complete Udemy Course – I made progress but did not complete this.
  • Fitness
    • Daily 30
    • Situps, Push-ups, Curls Overhead Press, Chest Press, Run in place – I did not do very well at this.  I need a new strategy.
    • Daily water – I have reduced my soda consumption and replaced with water or flavored water (which some would consider soda).  
  • Log
    • Weekly Blog-Prompt – I have not done very well at this initiative.  A few posts, but not on any sort of a cadence.
    • Weekly Vlog – I have not done this initiative at all.  I did do two go pro videos but have not done anything with them.

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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