Daily Prompt – Money For Nothing – Experimentation

“Describe your ultimate job.  What is it that you love?  What fulfills you?”


The topic I have been thinking about for almost a year now.  What would be my ultimate job?

To answer this question I plan to run a series of experiements each month to try something new.  See my experiments section.  Current experiments are focused on guitar playing, photography, exercise and writing.  So far, playing the guitar seems to be the one I am most consistent at practicing.  However, perhaps I need to dive a little deeper into the why I have selected these.

Playing Guitar:

  • I love playing guitar!  There is nothing more rewarding to me than practicing lick or a song and then finally nailing it.  The sound of the acoustic guitar is so soothing to me….I think I could fall asleep playing it.  The electric guitar is so fun to try to replicate the sounds from songs I love.  My current effects pedal isn’t ideal, but it still fun to have to play with.  I need to get it on a table to I can play around and customize some of the tones.
  • As far as how I can make money with guitar?  I could put basic lessons up on a video sight and just see if I get any hits.  I fear I am not nearly as good as the instuctors on the websites I visit to learn, but maybe I can put a spin on how I deliver it.  One goal of mine is to create a mobile recording studio so that I can try to record anywhere.  So far I have an ipad and an ipad recording device from Focusrite.  I need to make an investement into a Mac computer to better manage audio files.  In addition, I need to invest into audio mixing tools such as a mac version of cubase or similar software.



  • I am not sure I love taking photos, however I really like looking at them after they are taken.  Also, knowing that I was at these beautiful locations and had taken such a great shot is truely rewarding.
  • One of the challenges I’ve had in getting started with this is actually getting the motivation to go and take photos.  Especially in the cold winter months in an area where I frequently visit or the area I live.  I seem to be held back trying to find a very inspiring shot or not wanting to lug the large camera to be able to capture it.  I believe to really get good at this I need to design some photo challenges to keep me busy all week long.
  • A few recent investments I have made were….a filter for my DSLR Rebel T3 along with a plastic hood.  I think I need to look into another option that mounts easier.  Plus the four pronged designs look more professional.
  • In addition, I invested in a camera course to learn more about “Shooting In Manual Mode”.
  • One other addition was the purchase of an inexpensive action camera.  It is a knock off of a Gopro, but probably doesn’t have as nice of quality.  To go with this, I really need an easy and intuitive video editing program to be able to cut and patch the various videos together.
  • To properly manage files, I purchased a new Eyefi Mobi Pro card, but still need a nice Mac to be able to properly process these files.
  • The last investment for photography/videography was an investment into a crowdfunded concept called ONAGO Fly.  A drone that fits in the palm of your hand and can be configured to take high res photos/videos.  It also as an auto-follow feature that I am hoping will allow me to capture myself in moments such as skiing, biking, blading.  An it fits in the palm of my hand and will fall under government regulations for drones.  One drawback might be the distance that it can travel away from me.  I am not sure exactly how far it will go.
  • The reason I really want to get into photography/videography is to be able to capture moments in life and keep them for myself to reflect on in the future and also to be able to share with my children and grand children.  The challenge will be to find a way to log these photos and not just keep all of them.  One design challenge could be to pull videos from each month together for a year end video summary that would be fun to pull up and look at each year.  A modern version of the “Slide Show”.
  • To help me improve, I have reached out to a photographer from Calgary Canada who’s pictures I found on OKDOTHIS and Instagram.  He is a Father, Pastor and photographer…his photos are truely amazing.  He primarily shoots weddings, portraits, family photos and landscapes.  I hope to tap into his skills!



  • I want to exercise more to maintain my health as I get older.  I don’t enjoy structured exercise, but do like “Motion” sports.  Biking, blading, water skiing, downhill skiing.  I have an interest in kayaking as well.   Unfortunately most of the ones I like require a lot of gear.  I’ve tried to get into running as this can be done anywhere with very minimal gear.  So far… no luck.
  • One future experiment is to make sure I combine my photography and exercise, possibly in a video health log.


  • Ok, writing is not my favorite.  Neither is reading.  But I am hoping blogging can fill the void that I have had after finishing up with a life coach.  It felt really good to get an outside view on how to focus in on what is next with my life.  I guess this is what a mid-life crisis feels like…but for me it’s not about being old, it’s about being successful, yet wanting to find a balance with work and with enjoying life.  Ultimately the goal is to make what I enjoy in life my work so it doesn’t feel like work.  I doubt it will be writing but it does feel good to get my thoughts out of my head.


So what do I love?

  • Spending time with my family, playing guitar, roller blading, ice skating, downhill skiing, water skiing, boating, nature hikes, listening to music, watching movies, the concept of flight…(not sure I want to be a pilot as once you are up there…things seem to move too slow).

What interests me that I haven’t tried yet?

  • Kayaking, rock climbing, wing suit diving, Scuba Diving (tried once), Sky surfing.


What fullfills me?

  • Seeing my boys develop and fostering their curiosity
  • I have been finding that taking beautiful photographs fullfills me.
  • Mastering a lick or a song with my guitar.



About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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