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My Favorite Photo So Far

Taken with a Canon Rebel T3 18-55mm.  I believe I took this at 35mm. With ND filters and polarizer. Copyright: Troy M Beyer – 2016 Advertisements

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April 2016 Experiments

So March was challenging…however April is a new month! Here is what I hope to accomplish in April: Family & Friends: 1 Date night per week with Alissa – Failed Go see Grandma 1x per month – Complete Call Parents … Continue reading

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Possessions and Experiences

One item I struggle with (feel free to comment on what you thing as well) is that some of the experiences I would like to have require new possessions. For example, We have a huge lake by our house and … Continue reading

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Focal Length / Zoom

As I continue to learn about photography, my new area of “Focus” is focal length and zoom.  My understanding so far is that there are two effects that changing the focal length will do.  First and the most obvious is … Continue reading

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New House Update

I have realized that I haven’t followed up on a previous post with regards to our home search. Well we were fortunate to have the owner of one house we had our eye on come back and agree to our … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

There are three key settings in photography that all are related and impacted by the other:  Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. This article is about shutter speed. Shutter speed is the amount of time that the shutter stays open. The … Continue reading

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2016 Things I want…

A good friend of mine suggested I try this… As of March 2016… Things I want to have: A boat✅ A Mac PC for photography and music recording A professional camera setup with lee filters A guitar amp and PA … Continue reading

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