2016 Things I want…

A good friend of mine suggested I try this…

As of March 2016…

Things I want to have:

  • A boat✅
  • A Mac PC for photography and music recording
  • A professional camera setup with lee filters
  • A guitar amp and PA system
  • A kite wing


Things I want to be:

  • An involved father✅
  • A passionate husband⚠️
  • A loyal friend⚠️
  • A photographer⚠️
  • A musician⚠️
  • A product development expert✅


Things I want to do:

  • Return to England
  • Travel to Australia
  • Kite surf
  • Ski with the boys
  • Visit Canada
  • Fly fish in Montana
  • Hang glide
  • Perform an open mic night
  • Start a band-seconds to live
  • Start a studio for music recording-take action studios
  • Start a photography studio
  • Meditate✅
  • Practice Mindfulness✅
  • Exercise regularly✅
  • Run 5k (possibly a trail run instead of road running)
  • Eat healthier✅
  • Go on cruises✅
  • Photograph every Wisconsin state park
  • Photograph every national park
  • Whitewater kayaking
  • Blog weekly✅
  • Volunteer more

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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