Possessions and Experiences

One item I struggle with (feel free to comment on what you thing as well) is that some of the experiences I would like to have require new possessions.

For example, We have a huge lake by our house and would love to be able to utilize and enjoy it to it’s full potential.  I really want to spend time on a lake with the boys where we can water ski, tube, swim and fish.  So first I looked into renting a boat, however it seems they mostly rent pontoon boats.  Plus, my schedule changes often so planning far enough in advance would make this pretty much impossible.

So should we buy a boat?  In direct conflict with my desire to simplify…here I find myself buying more….with the benefit that we will have some incredible experiences.  Some of my favorite memories as a child are centered around boating, skiing, wake boarding and tubing with friends and family.  I want my boys to have similar experiences.  Plus, I love cruising around and even just floating around for a day on the water.  Living in wisconsin, the reality is that we will be lucky to use it like this once per month, however with my current job I am hopeful that I can use it during my days off as well.

The compromise is that as much as I want a brand new boat, I agree that the expense is not worth it for how much we might be able to use it.  So we will invest in a high quality used boat.  We have a third stall so I am planning on winter storage there.

This is just one example.  Other examples include snowmobiling, Kite boarding, Ice Sailing, Hang Gliding, Kayaking and more.  For these, I plan to rent as much as possible until I find the one sport that I want to do all of the time.

Time will tell if the new material possession will result in the experiences I am hopeful for for the boys.


About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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