Daily Writing Prompt – Diverse

Diverse – It has come to my attention over the past year that I have diverse interests.  Many sports and activities, but also many “Ways of Life” such as minimalism.  I have also realized that some of my interests are in conflict with my “Ways of Life”.  This was a daily prompt, however this will be one of my longer responses to this.  And not sure I will post this on The Daily Post.

I am wondering today how to  or if I even should minimize these interests.  From one point of view it is making it very difficult to focus and I feel like I could always be doing something.  Therefore I sometimes feel bad that I am not doing something.  In addition, all of these interests usually require some sort of material item (to make music I need some instruments, to record music I need recording equipment, to become a better photographer I need camera, lenses..tripods etc.  From another point of view….I feel like since I am not yet doing my true passion as a career that I need to experiment/explore other areas of interest to try to seek this out.  Also, I would hate to miss out on something that I could truly love because I was trying to be minimalistic and pushed it away.

So for today’s post I am going to talk about my interests and why I am interested in them.

Music/guitar:  I have loved listening to music for most of my life.  My earliest memories are of a trip that my family took to North Carolina where I listened to music with my Sony walkman while on a beach (listening to Starship), listening to Janet Jackson on my sisters “BoomBox” , Getting my first CD’s for my Denon stereo in high school (Huey Lewis and the News-Four,. Foreigners Greatest hits, Back to the Future Soundtrack.  I know I have weird taste in music… but I love all sorts of Genres.  I used to love listening to my dad play his guitar in a band.  I remember my first concert that my step-dad took me to (The Beach Boys).  I remember getting new speakers for my new stereo (KLH and playing them so loud that I blew the tweeters.  I also remember listening to all of the sounds that made up the songs.  The bass, the guitar solos, the piano, the drums….and even to this day I hear the instruments and have to force myself to hear the lyrics.  I remember hearing and feeling the low bass frequencies along with the crisp highs.  My latest memory is while trying to listen to speakers for a home theater and being blown away by the crispness of live music on some high quality speakers I was looking at.  So above music and guitar…perhaps it is really “Sound” that I enjoy be it from instruments or from movies.

Possible Careers:  Muscian/recording artist, cruise ship performer, music teacher, recording technician, studio owner, event company (music events), website resource for learning guitar.

Flight:  Early on I also was exposed to model aircraft and large airshows where I became very amazed by aircraft.  Airshows with the Blue Angels and the Airforce Thunderbirds were so awesome.  The power one could feel by the sound they gave off and the speed at wich things moved amazed me.  I also was introduced to Radio controlled aircraft where I learned that I could become a pilot of one of these aircraft for low costs and low time investment.  I stayed with this interest through college and really until I was married and had kids.  Now I have a PC version of RC flying that satisfies my “Pilot” desires.  Today I find I am still interested in being in aircraft and appreciate the vantage point from above be it from aircraft or mountain peaks.  I love how small things look and how miniscule my troubles of the day seem when I am looking down.  Ironically I get the same feeling as I look up at a night sky and thinking about how large the universe and space really is.  astronomy is interesting to be able to find things, but really isn’t a passion.  Back onto flying….I learned early on how slow things move when you are actually flying which is the main reason I lost interest.  That along with the cost and the training required to not only get a license, but maintain one.  My favorite memories of actually flying including:  My first flight with my family to Disney in Florida, My first flight on my own to visit my Uncle in Seattle, WA, the time a friend took me up in an Ultralight (Even more amazing to have the high vantage point from an open air vehicle!!!), and when I went skydiving for the first time.

Possible Careers:  Pilot, instructor pilot, aerial photography, sky diving instructor, remote area pilot, rescue pilot, emergency helicopter pilot

Photography:  I have always loved looking at images…specifically images of places (landscapes or cityscapes).  My first real interest in photography was when I was living in England with my family and I decided it might be fun to take better photographs for us to be able to remember our experiences.  So I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR to try it out.  Unfortunately at the time I was always worried about running out of memory card space or computer space so took limited photos.  And then my wife took over the camera to get the images she wanted.  I wanted to be the photographer but to have her always taking this camera really turned me off from getting to know this camera and this skill set.  I started getting into this again about 6-9 months ago when talking with a career coach and decided that I really enjoyed images and that maybe photography could be a way for me to find meaning and purpose.  I have since set up an Instagram account and use that to post images.  I have found difficulty in finding time and in the workflow to get photos into a desktop editing program to truly turn them into amazing photos.  I also am finding difficulty in getting out at the proper times to take photographs with my family.  Sunrise (my family are not early risers and I always worry about waking them up too early) and sunset (again, I am usually with family so I find it difficult to get out when I am with them).  I do travel a lot for work and can’t use these excuses during that time.  But being a consultant, I find that my radius to take photographs is limiting.  Also, I need to worry about traffic in order to get back in time…for example….lots of opportunity for photographs while I worked in Boston, but the traffic was terrible and if I was up for a sunrise I would not make it to the client site on time.    Lots of excuses, but just trying to convey the hurdles I have to overcome.

Possible Careers:  Landscape photographer, photography artist, photography teacher, marketing photographer.

Boating:  I have two great memories of boating.  Spending time with my family at my Aunt and Uncles cottage.  This is where I learned to ski on two skis and also went tubing.  The other is when I was working in Whitewater and I used to go skiing with two friends on Little Muskego lake near Milwaukee.  We would leave work on Tuesday nights around 4pm and ski until dark.  Early in the year that would mean we each would go one time around the lake, but by the end of the season we would each go 2-3 times around.  This is also where I learned to slalom ski, knee board and wake board.  All really fun!  It is these sort of memories that I am hoping to give to my boys.  In addition to this, I really enjoy crusing in open water with the wind in my face.  It reminds me of when I had a motorcycle but I can bring the family with me.  I had a boat a few years ago and I also enjoyed stopping off at some sandbars to swim.  I am hopeful we will be able to cruise across the lake and do this again:)

Possible Careers:  Tour guide, boat captain, cruise ship captain, private yacht captain.


Motion Sports:  Mountian Biking, Roller Blading, Kite Wing, Kite Surfing, Downhill Skiing, Snow Boarding, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding and Whitewater Kayzking.  The main intereste behind all of these is the fact that I am moving quickly with wind in my face.  In fact, this is one of the reasons I found motorcycles, boating and ultralight so enjoyable as well.  It is very relaxing and “freeing” for some reason.  It is really a way that I have used to melt stress away.

Possible Careers:  I could be an instructor for any one of these.  I could also blog about places to do this, equipment to do these with and my experiences in any of these.  Unfortunately, all of these require some sort of equipment to do these.


Health and Fitness:  I have not been very good at these, however my time spent in product development in the Healthcare industry has made me aware of the importance of making these part of my life.  If I were to become more active in this area I could help coach others to help them find the best ways for them to stay healthy.  This can include exercise as well as mindfullness and diet.

Possible Careers:  Health and Fitness coach..in person or online.  Perhaps I could have an app to help others find their way to fitness.  SworkIt is one app that does this today.


Just for fun:  Movies, Frisbee Golf, Golf and Fishing.  these are things I like to do just because they are relaxing.  Fishing is a new interest that my boys have been excited about so I will give it a try.

Possible Careers:  Golf course owner, Captain of a fishing charter, Owner of a Movie complex.


Blogging/Vlogging:  My interest in these is the ability to connect with the entire world.  If I could find a niche to focus on, I might be able to make a little bit of money at it.  Topics could be on Product Development, Innovation, Guitar How To, Guitar Gear, Model Aircraft and Equipment, Recording Studio How To and Equipment, Photography How To and Equipment, Motion Sports How To, Where and Equipment.  I am also very intrigued by sites that offer ways for people to connect and to coaching.  Live Your Legend was an inspiration and it would be great to have my work help others find their purpose.

Possible Careers:  Blogger, Vlogger, Online Coach, Perhaps I could offer Coaching to kids as they transition into college?


This should cover all of my interests and hobbies.  Not sure where this leaves me, but I will reflect on this over the next week.







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