Daily Writing Prompt – Simplicity

In my life today there are so many options of things to do or things to get.  It’s hard to believe that this is now a problem that has to be solved.

If you have read any of my experiment blogs or even some of my posts tagged with finding purpose you will know that I have a lot of interests.  The main reason I believe I am in this situation is because I have seen others doing these activities and admire the progress they have made and the fun they seem to be having.  My worry is that there is something so out there that I am missing that could be something that I both love to do and have as a career while meeting my family and financial requirements.

It is the goal of this blog to help me sift through those “interests” and find the ones that will be true passions.  A true passion to me means something that I am so excited about that I can’t wait to do it every day and find myself getting lost in the activity that I don’t want to go to sleep.

So today I will list as many interests as possible and along with it the “why” I am interested in it.

  • Music – I have loved music since junior high when I played Alto Saxophone (just didn’t like band).  This passion reignited when out of college and I began playing guitar.  I know this is a passion because I could spend all day doing this and not get sick of it.  I am inspired by guitarists like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more.  When I am not playing, I am often looking forward to when I will be able to play again.  Hopefully I can start to play whole songs and record songs rather than just play bits and pieces.  I love this one because I know that I can do it as long as my fingers are able to move and my ears are working!  A lifetime passion.


  • Photography – I have always been amazed by landscape photos and photos with such incredible detail and clarity that you feel like you are there.  I also find enjoyment when actually viewing those places so it only seemed natural to pursue photography to see if it was a good fit for me.  It is a highly competitive space and there are way more talented people than I at this, but am treating this more as a hobby to document travels and passions.  Maybe it will spur into something new and exciting yet different enough that I can make it into a new career now or into retirement.  This interest covers photography with DSLR, mobile phone, drones, action cameras.


  • Health and Fitness – This one covers many areas of interest including road biking, mountain biking, roller blading, downhill skiing, water skiing, frisbee golf, golf, wind surfing, kite surfing.  I am also very interested in body weight fitness.  With my travels, I want to be able to do any of my passions anywhere.  The motion sports interest are difficult because you often need a lot of equipment.  Body weight fitness like hiking/running/body weight exercises is something that can easily be done anywhere anytime with minimal gear (shoes, shorts, tshirt, tracking wearable, headphones, sunglasses…and maybe a set of stretch bands).  I have found a real joy in biking lately.  The state park nearby provides a challenging, fun ride with a real sense of accomplishment when I am done.  Along with sports/bodyweight fitness….nutrition is very important and I am finding myself eating more fruits, vegetables, salads and drinking more water.  In addition, a good night sleep is critical for the recovery after my workouts/events.  To live a long life it is important to me to get better at both health and fitness.


  • Blogging/Vlogging – This one is important to me as it serves as a way to get thoughts out of my head and into action, but also can serve as a platform for inspiring others.  Maybe family, maybe friends, maybe people I don’t even know yet that relate to what I am going through and can follow my progress.  In following a close friend and his online activities, I am inspired by being able to see the progress he has made over a few short years in both his personal health, but also with the community that he has created.  I am hopeful I can find that community of my own to serve soon.


  • Innovation – I’ve always liked gadgets.  Not sure if it came from Batman or James Bond movies or Inspector Gadget…but always loved cool things that seemed to make things easier.  Life Hacks so to speak.  I enjoy this passion area because I can see products develop and even more importantly get to see people use them.  I am keeping this as more of an interest point.  Not sure this is a passion…but keeps me interested while I find ways to engage in my true passions.


  • Online businesses – Part of my Purpose and Passion experiment is to land on a passion and ideally to find a way to make good money while doing it.  I still need to provide for my family so I can’t hang it up yet:)  I love the idea of having a business that can be managed from anywhere and that more than 50% of the time is running and making money without me there.  Travel photographers/bloggers are a real inspiration even though it is not something I want right now for my family.  Maybe once the boys are out of high school.



About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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