Day 2 – How To Unhate Your Job

6 Actions I can take:


  • What am I great at doing within my current role?
    • Coaching peers
    • Stabilizing/Standardizing
    • Communicating
  • My strengths are:
    • Achiever
    • Consistency
    • Harmony
    • Analytical/Maximizer
    • Responsibility
    • How can/do I apply these?
  • What is my bigger reason why?
    • To help teams create desired products through a process.
    • To improve healthcare by creating desired products and services.
    • To have more time off to spend with my family, to travel and to be able to find my next career path direction.
    • To see new places and new companies.
    • To be able to work from almost anywhere.
  • Get amazingly good at something in my current role….options
    • Diagnostic review
    • Visioning Session
    • Care model redesign
    • Leading idea generation discussions
    • Coaching facilitators
    • Vertical Valuestream
    • Task Kanban
    • Interviewing/Open ended questioning
    • QFD
    • FMEA
    • Journey Mapping
    • Focus groups
    • User observations
    • AHP
    • DFA
    • Function analysis
    • VA/VE
    • Design for x
    • Brain storming for introverts
    • Pugh
    • Concurrent engineering
    • Bio mimicry
    • Triz
    • Knowledge capture and reuse
  • Knock something out of the park.
    • I need to complete a REX cycle with a customer
  • Be candid with my boss.
    • I communicated my desires, but not my painpoints

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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