Day 6 – Realizing What You Want – Values 101

I give myself permission to:

  1. Research and Experiment to find work that energizes me and allows me to provide great opportunities for my family.
  2. Simplify my life by focusing on three passion themes (Playing/Recording Music, Photography, Health & Fitness)
  3. Find a way to help/inspire others through Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Music, Photos..ideally within the themes I am passionate about


Actions from Day 6:  Identify the values that are important to me and set a rule to measure daily success.

  •  Family
    • Stay off of devices and truely listening inside of core family time means I achieve this goal.  Core family times would be between 3 and 9pm when I am home.
  • Experiences, not things, invest in things that empower experiences
    • Any new purchases must align with values and core interests as documented in this blog.
  • Live now while preparing for the future
    • Be mindful of savings and investments, but don’t let that paralyze core interests.  Make sure interests don’t risk long term security/stability (I.E. spending our life savings on a ton of experiences within one year)
    • Pay cash for these experiences…avoid taking out loans at all costs.  If it is truely an interest, then let this be motivation to save for it and then achieve it!
  • Continuous Self Development
    • Every day that I exercise and/or learn means I achieve this goal.
  • Be Present – “Gone Tomorrow, Here Today”
    • Anytime I practice mindfulness and anytime spent fully engaged with family activities.
  • Finish what you start
    • Anytime I start something and see it through, then I have achieved this.
  • Be part of a community
    • Connecting with friends, family and local interest groups within my core interest on a monthly basis would be a measure of success.  Posting on LYL Action and Accountability FB group,

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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