Day – 10 Defining your success

I give myself permission to:

  1. Research and Experiment to find work that energizes me and allows me to provide great opportunities for my family.
  2. Simplify my life by focusing on three passion themes (Playing/Recording Music, Photography, Health & Fitness)
  3. Find a way to help/inspire others through Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Music, Photos..ideally within the themes I am passionate about
Actions from Day 10:
  1. Permission statement above…
  2. What am I currently chasing?
    1. How I can actually help others?
    2. Doing work that actually impacts people’s lives?
    3. A better me…healthier, funnier, more knowledgable of the works around me.
    4. Financial freedom for life….not rich, but not having to worry about income.
    5. Doing something that inspires others
    6. Creating something people enjoy or use.
  3. Write down what success actuall looks like to you.  Outline a day and then define what that means to you….see below.

Scenario 1

  • Sleep until I wake up at home
  • Watch the sunrise (photograph?)
  • Nice relaxing breakfast is ready and I eat it while reading the news
    •  Fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, toast, sausage
  • Go for a morning workout-bike ride, trail ride, walk
  • Long Shower
  • Guitar practice/blog/develop images and post creations to revenue generating sites
  • Go somewhere new or that I enjoy and do something adventurous
    • MTB Trail ride, hiking, golfing, boating cruise, skiing, rock climbing, kite surfing, kayaking, movies, music shop, sports shop
    • Eat lunch
  • ?
  • House chores/errands
  • Be home when my boys get home
  • Play/hangout with them
  • Make dinner
  • Eat dinner as a family or with friends
  • Watch a TV/movie series with wife
Travel on the weekends with wife/family
Scenario 2 – Things I could sell:
  • One week a quarter visiting amazing destinations to experience/photograph (Photographs)
  • Creating music daily
  • Life coaching
  • A blog about one of the above
  • A book about one of the above
  • A book about my journey to find purpose and passion
  • Helping others find their purpose and passion
  • Coaching transformation
Communities I want to be part of
  • Wilgus
  • A recording band
  • Mountain biking club
  • Photography club

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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