Day 12 – Committing To Your Change

I give myself permission to:

  1. Research and Experiment to find work that energizes me and allows me to provide great opportunities for my family.
  2. Simplify my life by focusing on three passion themes (Playing/Recording Music, Photography, Health & Fitness)
  3. Find a way to help/inspire others through Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Music, Photos..ideally within the themes I am passionate about
Purpose/Mission Statement:
  • My life purpose is to pursue my passions without compromising the happiness of my family, to always be there for the people I care about, to use all I have learned to inspire others to do their best work, to help others find their own purpose in life.

Day 12 Actions:

1. Write down your newly defined mission statement. Writing it down (and reminding yourself daily—either written or aloud) is important for you to really believe and integrate this. Don’t worry, we will keep reminding you! 

  • See above

2. Answer the following questions:

  • What will become possible for me and my life if I travel this journey and become a self-expert? List 2 or 3 super-specific awesome things that will happen as a result. Make them magical, beyond your wildest dreams, your ultimate dream!
    • I will look forward to my work days because they would also feel like my off days.
    • I will be able to be home with my family every night.
    • I will get to really help people with their personal improvement, not just make their current work easier.
  • What will happen if you don’t? List 2 or 3 of the worst possible things that could happen if you don’t travel down this road. Think if the things that are really painful. Remember we are motivated by pain or pleasure so let your mind go to the worst situation imaginable. 
    • I could live a shorter life due to the unhappiness and stress of not being fulfilled
    • My family could have issues….disciplinary, romantic, health.
  • Why is it an absolute MUST for you to create a life of purpose for you and those that you love? For your health? For your family? For the impact you’ll make? For the story you’ll leave behind? Whether you like it or not, your story will be told someday… We all tell the stories of our ancestors: Aunt X did this, Grandpa X built this. Your story will be told! It’s up to you to write that story how you want it to look.
    • To be happy
    • To be healthy
    • For my family
    • For the impact I’ll make
    • For the story I leave behind

Current story:

Grandpa Troy was a:
  • Musician/Recording Studio Technician
  • Photographer
  • Innovation Coach

Who loved to:
  • Spend time with his family
  • Cruise/Travel the world
  • Play guitar
  • Capture life experiences in images
  • Mountain bike
  • Boat
  • Golf
  • Hike
  • Watch movies




About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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