Day 13 – Environment is everything

I give myself permission to:

  1. Research and Experiment to find work that energizes me and allows me to provide great opportunities for my family.
  2. Simplify my life by focusing on three passion themes (Playing/Recording Music, Photography, Health & Fitness)
  3. Find a way to help/inspire others through Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Music, Photos..ideally within the themes I am passionate about
Purpose/Mission Statement:
  • My life purpose is to pursue my passions without compromising the happiness of my family, to always be there for the people I care about, to use all I have learned to inspire others to do their best work, to help others find their own purpose in life.


Day 13 Actions:

1. Write down your newly defined mission statement. Writing it down (and reminding yourself daily – either written or aloud) is important for you to really believe and integrate this. Don’t worry, we will keep reminding you!


2. Answer the following questions:


  • Name the people who you spend time around who constantly doubt you, drain your energy, and discourage you.
    • John
    • Jim M
  • What passionate people do you currently know?
    • Andy
    • Brian
    • Ted
    • Adam
    • Kim
    • Dave
  • Who do you want to be around but currently aren’t?
    • Photographers
    • Mountain bikers
  • Who inspires you?
    • Jef O
    • Keith U
    • Brad P
    • Robin W
    • Adam W
    • Kim C
    • Andy D
    • Brian T
    • Eric McRitchie


3. Be sure to watch the LYLL World Party Video if you have not already! And then check out Live Your Legend Local to find a meet-up near you. And most importantly, commit to going to a meet-up this month!





About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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