Day 21 – Making it all stick

Day 21 Passion Discovery Actions


  1.  Write down your newly defined mission statement. Writing it down (and reminding yourself daily—either written or aloud) is important for you to really believe and integrate this. Be sure to keep this process up even after this course!
    1. I give myself permission to:
      1. Research and Experiment to find work that energizes me and allows me to provide great opportunities for my family.
      2. Simplify my life by focusing on three passion themes (Playing/Recording Music, Photography, Health & Fitness)
      3. Find a way to help/inspire others through Blogs, Vlogs, Websites, Music, Photos..ideally within the themes I am passionate about.
  2. Schedule 30 minutes everyday to consume something that will help you grow. But remember to balance that with creating and connecting! This is easier today than ever before; if you don’t think you have time to read, then listen to Ted Talks, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.
    1. Plan established
  3. Join a group of like minded people, ideally in person but if not, then online. Just make sure you are in touch regularly. If you haven’t done so, join our Action and Accountability Team and your nearest LYL Local group.
    1. LYL AA
    2. LYL Local
    3. Fox Valley Photographers-joined
    4. NEWT-Mountain Biking
    5. WORS mountain biking???
    6. IMBA???
    7. Music???  Trying to start a studio band. Joined Bandmix
    8. Innovation???
  4. When something doesn’t go as planned, immediately write down what you learned (be specific) and more importantly, what you can do differently next time.
    1. Will use Evernote or blog to journal learnings
  5. List all of the people that you currently help in your job. Then list all of the people you would like to help. And what ways would you like to contribute once you have grown to where you want to be. Make this meaningful!
    1. Doctors, patients, Executive leaders, project teams
    2. Add Musicians and people needing inspiration
  6. Schedule the next thing you will show up or sign up for. An event, a conference, a course? Anything that will keep the momentum going for you. If you let it stop, before you know it, you’ll find yourself right back where you were when you were unhappy, uninspired and stressing out over a job you hate.
    1. Innovation: Ideas to action course…next is QFD course
    2. Music:  Record one song, plan studio
    3. Photography: Continue one weekly Instagram post, Setup Smugmug site and post one picture, Plan Mac setup
    4. Health & Fitness: One-20 mile ride.
    5. Lunch with Jeff H
Please see experiments section for continued updates.

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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