Live Your Legend’s 21 Days to Discover Your Passion Product Review

I wanted to offer a review of Live Your Legends program called “21 Days to Discover Your Passion”.

As a background summary, I have started this blog as a direct result of feeling like something is missing in my career and that there has to be something that is more inspiring to me.  Something that I can’t wait to get up in the morning to go do.  Previously I served as a Director of Product Development for Ariens Company working mostly on residential and commercial lawn mowers.  I currently am a Lean Innovation consultant working in a variety of industries and with clients such as Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Thedacare, Denver Water, Dignity Health, Duke Manufacturing, Truven Health Analytics and my latest client…Google.  I would say that I am successful, but not passionate about my current career path.

Upon searching for my passion I stumbled upon the Live Your Legend website and proceeded to engage with every free tool they offered.  That is how this blog emerged.  Upon completion of this, I decided to see what one of their programs was like without having to spend a ton of money.  So I signed up for this course in hopes of finding something that I would be more passionate about and to get a taste of what LYL would be like.

Well, first…let me say that it took me more than 21 days.  My fault of course because I have many distractions in life (some good/some bad).  Also, I found some of the questions really thought provoking and the activities would take me longer to think through than just one day.  Often times I would sit on a “Daily” activity  for a week or more.  Others I could do multiples in a day.  I have captured my thinking in this blog under the “Finding Purpose” writing category.  There were even some questions that I couldn’t answer.  However, I decided to move forward at these points rather than get stuck assuming I could always go back to revisit and in hopes that future activities might help me answer the more difficult questions.

One nice feature of the program was the ability to be invited to an Accountability Group where I was able to post things.  I really like the idea of this group and it opened my eyes as I realized how many other people are in the same situation I am.  One draw back is that most people are focused on solving their own issue that getting actual feedback from some of the group was difficult.  I am guilty of not supporting others as much as I should as well.  One other program that LYL has tried to do is offer local support through Live Your Legend Local…where members coordinate get togethers so they can help each other out in person.  Unfortunately the closest one for me is 2 hours away and often occurs at times when I am traveling for work.

Back to the program itself.  The content was good.  The website was good.  The activities were good….I just needed more “live” support as I went along.  The outcome is I ended up with a more focused approach to my monthly experiments and a continued drive to run experiments to help me find my passion.  Currently most of my passions are more hobbies right now but I am hoping that one day they will turn into my daily work.

As for next steps…I am not sure I want to engage in the next program, because although this program helped me…I am not sure if I got enough out of it to continue to invest.  Perhaps I will reach out to the community to try to find an advocate that can help me understand what I might get of the next program before I begin.

I do recommend this course, but also recommend working through the free content.  Most importantly I do recommend getting ideas out of your head.  Either through a blog, vlog or even mindmapping/drawing or hand written journal.  I also agree that it is also very important to have someone who can challenge and support you so find someone outside of your daily circle that is willing to do this and you do the same for them.


Good luck  in your journey and in running your experiments!  Feel free to message me if there are any questions I can help you with.






About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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3 Responses to Live Your Legend’s 21 Days to Discover Your Passion Product Review

  1. Raymond says:

    Hi Troy,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on LYL and 21 days to discover your passion!
    I have ready your blog re: 21 days. I can relate to your feelings about passion / career. I find that being a father with really young children is very challenging to experiment other options. The constraint on time, energy and the need for financial security.

    Enjoy the journey!

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  2. Karen says:

    I am inspired by your journey. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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