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Our Adventure in England

My wife created this blog while we lived in England from 2011 to 2014. Advertisements

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Mindful Exercise -Do Anywhere Daily Exercise Program

So I have lost motivation for exercise aside from biking.  I need to build it into my daily and weekly routine as I am not able to bike daily. I had an idea this week to try to merge my … Continue reading

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I have had a revelation this week realizing that I am spending significant time receiving inputs.  News360, Feedly, Flipboard, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram, email, YouTube, online courses and now snap chat. Tons of input sources that are updated every few … Continue reading

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Top 10 Mistakes in Online Business I thought these were great tips!  I will definitely use these as a guide.

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October Experiments

Connection: Call mom and dad weekly✅ Visit mom and dad at least once✅ Call/Visit dad once✅ Call sister and family at least once✅ Close friends – reach out at least once via email/text/telephone/f2f⚠️ JO✅ RH✅ BT BB EP✅ DR✅ Innovation Train … Continue reading

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Non Negotiables

I recently listened to the podcast “This is Your Life”- Michael Hyatt who gave 6 pointers to help achieve a work life balance. Set crystal clear priorities and write them down✅ Schedule time for things that matter most✅ Establish a … Continue reading

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Using Filters in Landscape Photography

  Six Tips For Using Filters to Improve Your Landscape Photos I really enjoyed learning about this. Thanks Rick!

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