Adobe Photo Storage & Workflow?

I am working on setting up my home photography studio and looking to get a Macbook Pro.  My concern is there is very little space on this…so what is the best workflow/process to manage all those files while still ensuring they get backed up?  I believe Lightroom and Photoshop store files on the device.

Can anyone offer the best method for cloud storage while using Lightroom and Photoshop?

Today, I use Eyefi Keenai (formerly Eyefi) to sync all my photos from my cameras (Camera to ipad first), ipad and iphone to the Keenai cloud.  From there all of the photos sync from this could down to my main device.  Currently this a folder on my windows PC.  My windows PC is backed up with a cloud backup service.  My windows PC is nearly filled (almost 1TB).

I want to switch to a Macbook Pro which will most likely have the same or less hard-drive space.  Can anyone make a recommendation?

Looking forward to your responses.



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