Daily Routine Update

With January coming to a close, I wanted to summarize my progress and challenges.

Daily Routine:

  • Send wife love note:) when we are apart
    • I was able to send text messages, but find I get absorbed into daily activities.  I need to find a way to make this a priority.
  • 60 oz of water – 20 each in the morning, afternoon, evening
    • I usually find this is much easer when I am travelling, however the convenience of a tasty sweet drink always tempts me.
  • 10 Burpees
    • Although I haven’t done this daily…I have done these more often and find them to be a quick and easy activity to do that works the full body.  I feel good after doing these as well.
  • Run 1-3 miles or  (2 days of the week)
    • I also haven’t done well at this.  I have run a mile at home twice.  I haven’t run while traveling.
  • Read a book for 15 minutes
    • Fail – I need a schedule…otherwise I get sucked into social media or netflix.
  • 30 minutes of learning-Fizzle/Photography Course
    • Fail – I have access to the content.  I need to prioritize it in my day.
  • 30 min max of Facebook, Linked-IN, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Buffer
    • Mostly Linked in and Youtube.  A couple Instagram posts.  I need to figure out what my social brand will be…which means focusing on a passion.  I am sure I spent more than 30min across all of these, but no more than an hour per day on these.
  • 30 min of News: News 360, Flipboard, Feedly
    • I’ve done well at this staying up to date and finding articles of interest to read and post to social media.  It’s easy to consume these.  I am sure I spent more than 30 min on this.
  • 30 min of guitar practice, recording
    • I definitly have progressed on guitar.  but not recording.  I need to make a permanent recording location within my studio.
  • 10 minutes of Elevate mind training
    • I’ve done this a few times.  Not sure it really is helping, but is quick and generally easy to do.
  • 15 minutes of mindfullness
    • I have done this while traveling.
  • 1 Vlog recorded
    • No go on this.  I like the idea in princliple but the one Vlog I recorded I was not happy with.  Again..I need to focus on a passion and then blog about that.


Now how should I adjust?  I will update my new plan within February Experiments.

Any suggestions out there on how to balance all of this?


About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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