Boss RC300 Product Review

I recently purchased the BOSS RC300 to help build out my live music options and wanted to give some feedback and first impressions so far.

Let me start by saying, I am not usually one to read an owners manual so any complaints I have from here on might be answered via the manual, but I have yet to look closely at it yet.

  • Unboxing:
    • Tha packaging was good and simplistic.  Everything was in great condition.
  • Connecting:
    • Here is the back of the RC300:
    • RC300 Back
    • Mic Input – for a direct mic input..I am not using this right as I don’t have a way to add vocal effects (reverb).
    • L & R unbalanced inputs.  I use these as direct inputs from my effects pedal board.
    • Aux input,  I use this for any other inputs that I want to loop.  Alternate mic with vocal effect, Ipad input for other sounds.
    • Main outputs are used and sent to my mixing board and from my mixing  board I send to my monitor speakers
    • The sub outputs I am not using but could be used to be sent to main control room.
    • I’m not really using the “Exp” inputs at this time but may connect one of my Boss FS to help control the track or other functions of the unit.
    • For MIDI, I am trying to use this to sync to my Beat  Buddy.  I have only been able to get this work when the RC300 is the master.  I really want the Beat Buddy timing to be the master for starting and stopping/syncing.  Not sure it is going to work that way.  When I sync with the RC300 as the master…the pedals on the RC300 act goofy as well.  Very disappoint at this so far.
    • Power button and input
  • Features I Like:
    • RC300 Top
    • Once connected I found the unit to pretty intuitive for the basic functions.  Starting and stopping, recording of each of the three tracks.
    • I love that there are volumn controls for all of the inputs, the track outputs as well as a master volume control.
    • Writing and saving to memory was very easy.
  • Gaps/Opportunities:
    • The percussion start stop with the pedals and setting of temp is not very easy or intuitive.  I’m opting to use other options to create rhythm.
    • The Loop FX also isn’t as intuitive as I would like.  Granted I haven’t spent much time on this, but I couldn’t quickly make all effects work.  Also, I am hopeful I can save the default effectI can’t tell how some of the effects are applied.  Voice effects….how do they get applied to the inputs.  I don’t get what the Loop FX little button is for either.  It doesn’t seem to do anything.  Perhaps a bit more reading of the manual will assist me:)
  • Summary:
    • All in all, I am happy with this purchase.  This unit has huge advantages over the RC3 which I also have.  The ability to coordinate three pedals (Timing, Starting and Stopping) and voice easily will make this a fun piece of equipment.  Look for some live loop videos in the future:)

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A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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