Fizzle Product Review

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What is Fizzle?

I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about  I have been a member of this site for a few months and have really been enjoying the content.  I am listening to the podcasts but also following the framework.

Chase, Corbett and Steph are the primary contributors to the blogs, podcasts and website. all complement each other in skills and abilities.  Caleb I believe is another person on the team, however I haven’t been through much of his content yet.

The basic purpose of is to help Entrepreneurs find their way from “I want to start a business” to actually doing it.  They offer a 3 phase, 9 stage process with video content all along the way to walk you through how to do the various activities at each step.  Each step contains various themes and courses to help you learn about all aspects of starting an online business.  I am currently still sitting in stage 1 and have a lot to learn about getting my business up and running.

In addition to the video and course work, the team also creates podcasts and blogs to help people.  I personally find the podcasts very entertaining and am usually listening to those while working out or in lieu of watching TV.

The main item I continue to be “Frozen” with is the “Topic” or the what am I going to shape my business around.  I have been through “Live Your Legend”‘s Finding Your Passion Course (hence the creation of this blog) but still struggle with selecting something.  I’ve followed Caleb’s method of choosing a topic but still am hesitating.  And since I am hesitating at making this decision, it’s making me slow down and even stop progress on the Fizzle Road map.

I have tried the “Progress Log” feature but feel it is a bit duplicative to this blog…so am trying to figure out a way to accomplish both somehow with this blog.

There is one element of Fizzle that I haven’t tried yet and that is the monthly “Office Hours”.  I think they might actually be doing this every Friday now.  My schedule always seems to conflict with my current “Day Job” and haven’t been able to participate.  Plus, I am not sure if that is the right forum for me.

So in summary, I am enjoying and I would highly recommend it as there is no risk.  2 weeks free and then a monthly fee that you can cancel anytime!  You can’t go wrong to at least explore this site.  If you are still hesitant, check out their podcasts!  Very entertaining!

For me, I still need to find a way to break through and focus on one item for my first business.  I hope you’ll follow this blog to see my progress!

If interested in finding out more…please check them out by clicking this link:

I am interested in the 2 week free trial they offer, let me check it out!

Take care my friends!



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