April Experiments


  • Call mom and dad weekly⚠️
  • Visit mom and dad at least once✅
  • Call/Visit dad once✅
  • Call sister and family at least once❌
  • Close friends – reach out at least once via email/text/telephone/f2f
    • JO✅
    • RH❌
    • BT❌
    • BB❌
    • EP❌
    • DR✅
    • BU❌

Health & Fitness:

  • Be more mindful/present⚠️
    • Mindful Exercise-Weekdays❌
    • Daily Calm on flights✅
  • Exercise more to feel better and for a healthier body/longer life⚠️
    • Run 1 miles 1x per week and bike 10 miles 1x per week⚠️
    • 10 Burpees, 10 Situps, 10 Presses per day⚠️
  • Healthy Eating to feel better and for a healthier body/longer life✅
    • I will also drink 32oz of water a day  (4-8oz glasses or 2 bottles of water)✅
    • Minimize soda drinking and candy eating✅
    • At least one salad per week✅
  • Consume
    • 30min of Twitter/Linked-In/News✅
    • 15 min of reading daily❌
    • The Moonshot Effect❌
    • ODI Book – Target Complete By end of April❌
  • Progress Simpler Goals:
    • REX topic training-Design Thinking Training❌
    • Write paper topic❌
  • Linked In Article Topic Defined❌


  • Complete 2 Youtube Capture Sessions-video & ipad❌


  • Practice and build portfolio⚠️
    • One photo posted to Instagram per week⚠️
  • Review Adobe Portfolio❌
  • Get 50mm lens❌
  • Create storage plan❌
  • Photography Course❌
Passive Income Business
  • Fizzle Roadmap Stage 1⚠️
  • Complete Courses:
    • WordPress Tutorial Series❌
    • Google Analytics Started-Requires an expensive monthly fee wth WordPress.  ✅Postpone

About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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