Beat Buddy Product Review


It’s time to give this awesome product a review!

First, a big thank you to Singular Sound for creating this!  I am an aspiring guitarist and due to my current non-musical career have found it difficult to find a group to practice with because I am not able to gig more than maybe once per month.

In reality, my interest is in creating music, not live performances.  At least not yet.  Perhaps with the help of this new tool I can finally get a few songs created and a setlist setup.

Onto the review:


So I didn’t capture the unboxing, however they did a great job at packaging this product to ensure it’s protection until arrival to my house.  I would liken the unboxing to that of the iphone.  I was excited and the packaging as well as the product felt of very high quality.


Setup of the Beatbuddy is extremely easy in that it simply fits at the end of the series of your effects chain.  For me, I have an effects pedal, a Boss looper, a distortion pedal and the Beat Buddy.  I did opt for the additional pedal to control pausing and accent cymbol.  I had the unit working in a matter of minutes.



The buttons were all extremely intuitive and I had selected my rhythm pattern, tempo, volume in just a few additional minutes.  It really is as easy as the videos make it look.  Press the pedal once to intro (can turn this off) and after 4 beats you are into the main beat for the song.  A quick tap to begin a fill which can be initiated at anytime after the first beat and will end after the 4th beat.

By pressing the main pedal and holding it….you begin a transition to the next part of the song the chorus.  press and hold again to transition to the next part or back to the first depending on the track you have selected.

To pause the beat…the optional pedal gives you this ability and you can restart by either hitting the pause button again or if you want the intro to restart again…hit the main pedal.

The left button on the additional control pedal allows you to add accent hits at any time.

To end the song, simply double tap at anytime and the outro will begin and finish on the last beat of the track.

Extremely easy, unbelievably fun as a solo musician.

One additional feature I am working on is to sync my Beat Buddy to my RC300 looper.  Unfortunately, for this looper, the RC300 must be the master and the Beat Buddy the slave.  What I want is for the Beat Buddy and Looper to stay in Sync, but I want to be able to add fills and transitions, pauses.  Ideally, I wouldn’t loop the Beat Buddy, but my loops would stay in sync with the Beat Buddy and I would simply add, stop, start the supporting loops.  I will do more research, but believe I may need to look into another looper such as the Infinity Looper to make this happen, unless Boss steps up with a firmware upgrade that lets me do this.


All in all, I would highly recommend this for any solo musician looking to practice or perform live.

Thanks again Singlar Sound!


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