Healthier Lifestyle Transformation Initiative


On a recent annual retreat with a few of my college friends, I found myself re-motivated and inspired to make a change to my lifestyle.

As a background…this blog was started to find my purpose and my passion and what I’ve found over the past year is that I’m very focused on passions, however this blog has allowed me to figure out that behind my passions…I have a general purpose.  One of my passions/focus areas is “Fitness”.  I’ve been searching for a way to improve my fitness that I enjoy and have had a few starts and stops.  My friends have re-ignited my interest in moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

One friend has accomplished an Iron-man Triathlon many times.  He is a confident person, but found that he seemed to exude even more confidence and calmness than I have ever seen in him before.  I also noticed a body transformation where he has less weight and has improved the tone and definition of across his body.  Very inspiring as I haven’t ever been truly over-weight but also have never achieved a body definition that I have wanted.  Not sure I am or want to be an Iron-man…but it would be nice to run a few miles without feeling like I am going to kick the bucket:)

My second friend has been over-weight and has recently lost a tremendous amount of weight and is looking amazing.  She too has a new confidence and happiness to her personality and more and more good things continue to happen in her life because of this happiness and confidence.

So I am inspired….I am not sure how long this inspiration will last, but know that I need to start.

My drive/reason for action:

  • I want to get my cholesterol levels in line.
  • I want to show my kids how important it is to live a healthy life-style balancing good diet and exercise balancing the good and the bad in both.  I do truly believe in the saying….”Everything in moderation”
  • Reduce my sugar intake to reduce my risk for diabetes or other illnesses.  I have a sweet tooth and am starting to notice all the natural sugar along with added sugars (fake and real) that are in my diet (but they are soooo tasty!!).  I need a different ratio of Carbs, Proteins and Fats.
  • I want to tone my body and shed 10-20 lbs.  I currently am 6′ tall @185 lbs and would like to be closer to 170-175 with a higher percentage of muscle.  So I need to turn some of the fat to muscle while shedding a few lbs.  I am not sure how accurate my smart scale is…but it has me at about 25% body fat.  I would like to get to 12%


What I am starting to do:

Exercise Thanks to Fitness22:

  • 100 pushup and squat challenge in 10 weeks
  • 200 Situps in 10 weeks
  • 0-5k App…not sure if I’ll do it in 8 weeks as I am pairing it with the next item
  • Bike 10 miles once per week with a goal of having a 30+ mile ride before September



Diet:  I’m still researching options here, but am open to ideas or suggestions you might have.

  • Reduce sugary snacks
    • Replace with nuts,  hard-boiled egg, fruit, celery, Snow Peas
  • Reduce sugary drinks
    • Replace with water or tea
    • 1 sugary drink a day max (Soda or flavored coffee)
  • Increase protein
    • Nuts
    • Eggs twice per week for breakfast
  • Reduce carbs from pasta and bread
    • Lettuce wraps for sandwiches
    • Smaller portions of pasta
    • Smaller portions in general
  • Find an easy way to estimate calories and % of the three focus areas
  • Get a body analysis done


Wish me luck….and I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

I would love to hear from you about how you have fit exercise and healthy diet into your life.




About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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