Bump in the road..What are my true passions?

So what do you do when you are working so hard to find your passion and then one day…one wrong move on a trampoline immobilizes you?

To start with…I believe I’ll be ok, but the past few days of sitting on my butt (not getting any Fitbit steps in) has me thinking.  What if I am not able to do some of those things I am passionate about?  What if I can’t bike again?  What if I can’t do fun things with my boys?  What if I struggle to move and all of the sudden put on a ton of weight?  Will I have pain in my knee for the rest of my life?  Now this is just a small injury I’m sure, but to me it is a major injury.  It could have been a lot worse.

So let’s think about my passions…

Family – It may change some of the things we do, but in the end I’ll still be able to spend time with them.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go for walks again.  What about rollerblading?  The boys love going to the roller rink…will I be able to do that with them again?  What about swimming.  I assume I’ll be able to do this as it is low impact…but what about surfing or wind surfing?  Will I be able to try these?

Music – Sooo happy that I didn’t hurt a hand so can keep playing!  This is my way of relaxing!

Photography – The injury might make it harder to do landscape photography, but not impossible.  Will I be able to move to get that cool shot?

Fitness – This is the one that I am most concerned about.  Will I be able to run?  Will I be able to mountain bike or even road bike for that matter?  I definitely need to put the push-up, sit-up and squat challenge on hold for a while!

Innovation – Luckily, I don’t see how this could negatively impact my career in the long run.  In-fact it’s increasing my passion for improving healthcare as I am experiencing the pain points with our healthcare system.  Access, Cost, Quality of care, Experience

So time will tell, but at this point in time I’m just thinking about how this injury will impact me.  I know there is a lot that can be done and that things could have been a lot worse.  In the end, most of my passions should not be impacted, but I guess the main question to be answered…will I stick with these “Topics” as my passions.  Maybe this will change or at least test what I am passionate about…i.e. if I find that I disengage from them…maybe they weren’t really a passion to begin with?


About Troy

A Husband, Father, Lean Product Development Coach, Photographer, Musician.
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